Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day of class, listening to the Singing Garden

As the culmination of all our listening, recording and composing efforts we finally got to hear the full 20-channel version of the Singing Garden. We closed our eyes, listened closely (quietly even), and wrote stream-of-consciousness notes about our experiences. Here are some of the reactions. Notice how few refer to vegetables, the main sound source; their sounds seem to evoke more weather and animal images. Maybe because plant and vegetable sounds are so alien to us, even though we are around them every day.

It makes me feel like I’m in a cave. It’s dark with a lot of noise around me. But the sound I hear don’t seem like it’s in the right place. It goes from fast to slow, loud to quiet sounds. It’s hard to hear everything around me. Sometime it sounds like the sounds are responding back to each other. Now I hear some strings getting strummed. I hear some kind of bird screaming. Some of the sounds are moving around; you hear them from somewhere and then it comes out from somewhere else. I now hear a fan or something and it seems like it’s getting closer to me somehow. Now hear frogs croaking and the fan coming and going.

It’s a hot summer day. I’m sitting by a pond. In the distance I hear something rattling in a bush. I hear a frog croaking and a dragonfly beating its wings. Fish making air bubbles in the water. It’s peaceful and there’s a sweet scent on the breeze. I look over and there is a lilac bush.

Hearing things never heard
And how to do things with materials
Like f you are in spaceship
A car with a bad motor
A bubbling spa
Boiling pot
A lighter
A balloon getting flat by letting air go from your mouth
Speakers hot plug in light
A harmony of flute
Drum sticks Macarena
It makes me feel like I am in an airplane
Making me feel I am at the rainforest or a woodpecker and above four frogs in the middle of nowhere.

In the forest where native people live they are playing some type of instrument; there’s ghosts too sounding scary. Feels like I am in the bathroom taking a bath while water slowly drips down. At school in a quiet room with tape being taken off. Altogether like a dream taking me to different places. Took me to a Japanese palace or Chinese where there are people playing instruments.
In a quiet house with rain falling, then a ghost came and made scary crying noises. Ghost came back, more crying noises.
Somebody crumbling vegetables loudly.
In a house (in my bedroom) sprinklers turn on. Somebody playing an instrument. My mom washing clothes repeatedly. Dad cleaning up some stuff and making noises. Sister practicing an instrument. Somebody scraping something together.
A twirl like a spiral taking me to somewhere else, really windy, fan making it windy going faster and faster.
Got to a different land with all these different insects.

I heard a lot of noises through all of the speakers but the one that I like is the water that’s shaking and sounds real. Also all of the sounds are going at the same time. Sometimes it will go loud then it will go small and I hear some strong squeaky noises through the speakers.

The sound started to be quiet and then it have a drizzle sound. And you can hear some instrument and animal sounds

Sounds of images
Sounds like you’re in a cave
Makes me feel like I’m alone in a cave
Forest sounds
There’s a lot of wind and it gets louder and louder
Sounds like an animal is burying something
A lot of water in the area
There are electric sounds with music in the background
And there is rain outside in the background
I can hear animals in the forest
Sounds like branches are getting stepped on
And more animals
Someone plays music a little
And it sounds like people are gardening
More flutes playing
The wind picks up again and there is a loud shaking sound.
Just the wind picking up.
Frogs croaking
I hear rattle snakes

This reminds me of my basement, water leaking. And the fan part reminds me of my room because my fan is always going… LOL. The shakers remind me of rattle snakes. It reminds me of pouring juice in my cup. It reminds me of a birthday party because of the balloons.

It sounds like being in a quiet water place like a sea, lake, ocean, something like that and it just stop running and there is still like drops like and you can hear little sea creatures.

Somebody in the tub
Somebody play with a fan

1) nothing
2) horny
3) gay
4) dumb
5) happy
6) high
7) bitchy
8) sad
9) Mexican
10) Hmong
11) Black
12) White
13) More gay
14) Less gay
15) Same gay
16) Normal
17) Annoyed
18) Sleepy
19) Awake
20) Hating
21) Loving
22) Empty
23) Fun
24) Boring
25) Talkative
26) Quiet
27) Helpful
28) Pollution
29) Man
30) Woman
31) Normal
32) Partying
33) Peeing
34) Smoking
35) I can’t believe
36) that it not butter
37) Omg
38) Watching tv
39) Go to China
40) Pass Math
41) fell
42) writing number 42
43) lol
44) cellphone
45) driving
46) need help
47) 47
48) ssr
49) unhappy
50) unsad
51) gang bang
52) lonely
53) cheating
54) play
55) boring
56) kicking
57) got milk
58) pokemon
59) go home
60) names
61) don’t know
62) bold
63) fishing
64) sleeping
65) I am your father
66) Who your mother
67) Curds
68) Eminem
69) Tomcuris
70) Ky
71) Blackjack
72) Great

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