Monday, March 26, 2012

The Lungers

Ever wondered what the doc hears when putting a stethoscope to your lungs? Here is a mostly-untreated audio collage of sick people (and one healthy breather) breathing. Some of them are saying 99, some 1,2,3. Interestingly if those numbers are intelligible through the stethoscope that means there is a solid mass or tumor in the body; if muffled, then everything is still fleshy and hunk dory. The less sense you make the better in this case. You also don't want to hear wheezing, crackling, or rattling (rales).

As the audience enters the space they will hear this. Some of them will have impromptu tests, perhaps amplified (with contact mics) into the mix, or a chorus of aaaahhhhs and numbers. Those arbitrarily selected to be sick will get a bell to wear around their neck for the duration of the performance.

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