Friday, October 5, 2012

The Sun Palace hits the ground running

So the first residency week has come and gone, and gone well, thanks to the amazing powers of Jane Rigler and the Sun Palace team. I didn't get the Jerome grant to turn the show into a film so will just have to do it anyway for free.

We can get some cool props from Theatreworks that will suggest everyday life in the San: antique wheelchair, Victrola, exam table...

A hideous chair from Goodwill provides the perfect  support for my version of the Solar Therapeutic Laryngoscope; a device invented by Frank Verba at Cragmor in the 1920 to shoot healing sun rays into the diseased larynx. All it does it warm the teeth as far as I can tell.

Fred and Ginger first appeared together in Flying Down to Rio, doing the Carioca. Music by Cragmor resident Vincent Youmans. Here we are trying to recreate a bit of that forehead-touching dance that surely would have transmitted bacteria between friends.

The white sheeted performers here go out for a stroll on the mesa and get a little sun worshipping in (actually around my windharps). Video of this may end up in the film version...

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