Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moorhead State University Residency

On December 1 and 2 I drove on over to MSU-Moorhead with a load of conch shells, organ pipes, plants, and sculptural materials to work with Dr. Henry Gwiazda's (and other) students. A great time was had with fun, curious and friendly students that more than made up for the Spartan dorm room and chilly drab weather. The weather failed to provide the expected wind velocity to power the five windharps and four flutes until the last night, when brave Mike stayed up in 10ยบ to experience the intended whistling.

I talked about the secret life of non-profits, with particular reference to ACF and innova. Then was part of a composition masterclass where I got to play the entire Habanera. Next day was presenting my own work (to a room full of 3D glasses wearers) and a show-and-tell about Harry Partch. In the evening we gave a presentation of all Blackburn with good-hearted volunteers who blew, screamed and stomped well. We would have honked too (in the world premiere of my Car Horn Symphony at the old abandoned Walmart parking lot on Highway 10, but the roads were dangerously slippery so we did an indoor version with shells instead).

Fox Recital Hall

Call of the Sea for conch shells
Consciousness of Poets (solo)
Democracy Organ
Gospel Jihad for chorus on bloody violent Christian texts SCORE
Car Horn Symphony (chamber version transcribed for shell trumpets)

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