Saturday, January 2, 2010

Collage of Desire (1998)

Composed in 1998 or so, originally for the pre-show of the Tape Beatles at the Southern Theater, then at CSPS in Cedar Rapids.

For any number of performers.

Collage of Desire is a cut-and-paste mandala made of text and images from the printed medium arranged to create a large circular diagram on the theme of Desire (though you could come up with any other theme). During the act of pasting, participants use the work so far completed as a score for performing.

· From the pile of newspapers and magazines select a fragment of text that relates to Desire . Cut it out and paste it with glue adjacent to other fragments, oriented in any direction. As you add your text, give an interpretive reading/performance of all the materials so far present. You may make as many contributions to the design as you like.

The making of the collage is audio recorded. The completed design with its accompanying recording is then exhibited as a sound installation.

Things you will need:

· Circular floor/table space, at least 10 foot diameter,

· Backing (cardboard, vinyl),

· A selection of magazine and newspaper text and imagery,

· Scissors,

· Paper glue,

· Tape recording equipment (continuous play CD player, microphones, headphones)

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