Sunday, February 10, 2008

More instruments

The cartire taiko ensemble. Craigslist has used tires for $1. Clean them up and strap them tightly with 3M Packing Tape and you have a decent and durable drum. Prop up the rear end with a brick or something and it resonates well. Practice unison and interlocking rhythms with a little bit of Africa, Japan, and Detroit flavor.

A collection of Whirly tubes (corrugaphones), some made from sump pump tubing. These are twirled overhead to make a hooting harmonic series; several of slightly different lengths make clouds of chords.

Large membrane reed pipes, made from PVC or ABS tubes with balloons over one end. Stretch the mouthpiece and blow so it flaps against the diaphragm, and it makes a deep bassoon-like latex drum sound (or a snoring goose).

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