Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some embryonic instruments

The Rumble Strip will be activated by dragging simple amplifying contraptions to make the vibrations travel up a rod and be spread into the air. Here a 1/2" wooden dowel pierces an expanded polystyrene faucet cover for an effective sound diffuser (like a giant record stylus).

3/4" PVC pipe with a fipple hole towards one end and balloons at both ends. This sounds like a rubbery ocarina with unpredictable pitch changes.

Gongs made from sliced tops of 55 gallon steel drums.

The Flintstone Gamelan: shale (or shist) flagstone from Montana placed over a cartire for support and resonance. A collection of these can be arranged in any configuration and played by one or many people. The stone sounds like a hollow xylophone when struck with a suitable mallet. This can be made from a post crown attached to a handle.

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