Monday, February 11, 2008

Yet more

Meet the new Skullphone. You put it on your head and run around. The mylar tape falps and howls around you, tingling your ears and vertebrae.

Here's a previous one in action.

Some of the available pieces for the Flintstone gamelan. Hope to get more big ones from the stone yard when the weather gets warmer.

The Camera Obscura is a dark room/tent with room for 3 of 4 people inside. A rotatable mirror and lens on the roof projects a live 3D color image on a screen inside. The screen is also a frame drum, so you can move it around and hit things as their image goes by. A form of musical espionage.

Here's the inside with a scene of Northfield.

It doesn't get much simpler than Stamping Tubes. Packing tubes, closed at one end, cut to proportional lengths. You can hold one in each hand and allow it to drop on hard pavement; it will sound a tuned Boop. With practice you can make an interesting group music of interlocking hocketing rhythms.

I am excited that the good folks at the Ordway, Shelley and Elizabeth, have been able to arrange for this project to be developed at two terrific schools: Webster and Burroughs. I look forward to meeting the teachers and students there so we can create some of these instruments together and work on a composed performance using them all during the festival. I promise it will be crazy.

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Philip said...

The Skullphone idea has been nixed. You need plenty of running space to make them work, and the festival will be to crowded.