Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burroughs and their Story

We started off with some Push Hands exercises, touching fingers and mirroring in space. That grew to groups of four and began to look like dance...

Then we made our one-word-at-a-time story:

Once upon a time
there was a dog called Pooch that liked to eat elbows.

There was a cat named Lulu who liked Pop-tarts with mayonnaise
and popsicles. They went out to the backyard to play games.
Lulu kick-boxed while eating Pooch.
Pooch was jumping on a trampoline and Lulu played catch with mailmen.
Then he cried. Also the mayonnaise exploded. Pooch was poking the mailbox and
he jumped to Edinburgh. Then dinosaurs killed butterflies and shot the grandma's pet.

Then a giant pineapple with an apple destroyed the universe.

Pooch ate pickles. Next he dug a black-hole and died.

Pooch came to Scotland during the spring.
He lived in a house. Then my mom sat on Pooch, dreaming of exploding potatoes.

And they all lived happily ever after.

With such a tale, who could resist acting it out in mime?

Then we got out the new instruments and arranged ourselves into pods. Lead by some conduction we orchestrated some dense, complex and raucous music together.

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